I just learned: There already is a first mirror of the website maintained by @gemlog - it's missing some sites that weren't archived though 🙂


@switchingsoftware I put a tarball of what I could get off the wayback machine on the about page. I changed everything to relative links and posted the result.
Yes, some articles are MIA :-(
Also, already things like 'half baked' are drifting, because I am aware of an effort for a groups fedi.

@gemlog I already found and downloaded the tarball 😁 I was going to change all the links myself today - thanks a lot for the effort, this is a big help! 🙂

@switchingsoftware Oh wait. I posted the original tarball.
Do you still want the one I fed through sed? I can make and post that too.
What do you propose to use anyhow?
The original used WP, which is non-fedi and overkill for such a simple site - no need for a db.
Seems to be a *bit* much for something like cmsimple though, but cmsimple is easily multilanguage.
I'm curious.


@gemlog Right now, I'm not thinking about a CMS or similar - will be a lot of work to extract all the infos and tidy them up. But of course it's needed to further maintain the site.

Today, I crawled your site, added Google-cached missing pages and fixed CSS, JS and fonts plus some broken links. I put all of it in a public repo here:


Here is a quick test (without SSL and not permanent!)


Will migrate to switching.software soon 🙂

Grav is a good choice and in the middle. I installed it last week for something and then took it down in favour of something else for the purpose.

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