Hello Fediworld 👋

most of the website is restored - have a look:
(or for short)

I want to thank @gemlog for preparing the web-archive version and @LuKaRo for extracting the missing pages from the Google Cache. Would have taken so much longer without you two 🙂

@switchingsoftware @LuKaRo
Looks great! I'll do something else with that subdomain and cert I made now. Good job bud!
After you make the Grav version, have you given any thought to mirror sites, so we don't have this situation again? Or even just a tarball on a daily cron. I dunno. Just thinking out loud.

@gemlog I think if the website is in sync with a git repository (which the current one is), the biggest step is done. Because everyone can mirror or fork it.

The bigger challenge is not losing a domain name once again. Right now, I am the only one who can manage it (a little messy via and digitalocean). Would love to have a solution for this.

Same for this mastodon instance/account - but it's hostet via, should be easier.

@switchingsoftware OK, good with the git repo.
I put up a page to redirect to the new up-to-date site you did, thank you.
I didn't 301, because I may do something seeing as I gave it a cert and everything.
The domain name is a challenge, but the info is more important.

@switchingsoftware @gemlog @LuKaRo @nipos

ich bin echt genervt, warum schafft es hier im Fediverse niemand auf einer Liste wo XMPP steht, auch mal Matrix zu erwähnen, ich habe echt keinen Bock mehr zu was zu reposten.

@favstarmafia Ich kann deinen Frust verstehen. Bitte sieh mir nach, dass ich diese Webseite grade erst Hals über Kopf übernommen habe und erstmal Zeit brauche, um sie generell inhaltlich aufzuarbeiten.


sehr gut, das muss nur noch in die richtige Stelle verschoben werden und schon kann man es reposten 😎👍

Ich finde es übrigens wirklich toll, dass Du das weiter machen willst!

Ich sammle übrigens Matrix und XMPP Server mit freier Registrierung
FOSS-Messenger ⋅ Plume -

Und habe eine Hilfe für Mastodon Anfänger geschrieben, die steht in meinem Profil.

Alle Texte sind frei und können nach belieben weiter verwendet werden.

@favstarmafia Danke für die Info, hab ich mir direkt als Lesezeichen gespeichert 🙃

@switchingsoftware @favstarmafia Diese Seite mit der Matrix Empfehlung ist wirklich ziemlich gut versteckt leider.Einerseits passt es ja tatsaechlich als Slack Alternative und - viel wichtiger - es ist der perfekte Discord Ersatz.Aber trotzdem ist es ein Messenger und wenn man es da listet,bekommt es viel mehr Aufmerksamkeit.

@nipos @favstarmafia Absolut! Ohne Frage muss die Seite inhaltlich überarbeitet werden. Aktuell ist sie leider in einem Zustand, der das ziemlich aufwändig macht. Deshalb bitte ich da um Geduld 🙂

@switchingsoftware @gemlog @LuKaRo WHOO-HOO! If theres anything I can do that doesnt require coding I am at your service!

@switchingsoftware @gemlog @LuKaRo Hey guys, is there a git repo one can contribute to? It looks like a search feature is in order ;)

@rosnovsky Hi, currently there is only this repo with the plain html files restored from the web archive:

Next goal would be to migrate this to a cms, so the content can be easily updated - maybe like the German fork here via Grav cms:

Then, we can add new functionality 🙂 Search was also on my mind

@switchingsoftware Would you consider Gatsby :gatsby: as a CMS?

it's a markdown-based static generator, that makes authoring, translations and extension really easy (and it's very cool in general :)). I'd be delighted to help migrate it to a more maintainable form, and to introduce search along the way. Gatsby makes "devops" super straightforward, especially when coupled with free hosting on or (I can help with either!)

@rosnovsky You mean right? 🙂

I'll have a look at it. Currently I have no experience with it.

If anyone has a copy of the eBook (I tried to buy it at the time but the site kept dying) perhaps some of the data from that should be mirrored too?
@gemlog @LuKaRo

@switchingsoftware @DHeadshot i have a copy. It's not under a free license AFAIK though, so it cannot be reused.

@Framasoft I am, the services of Franasoft are linked in multiple places on the site - their work is amazing 🙂

@switchingsoftware awwwwww! 🙏 💖

BTW, yours is, too! (and not because of what you've just tooted )

Was war denn eigentlich passieet dass von jetzt auf gleich alles down war?
@gemlog @LuKaRo

@Themanwhoisit Das wissen wir nicht - es gibt keine offizielle Begründung, nur Vermutungen auf Basis der letzten Beiträge in den Sozialen Netzwerken. Wir hoffen, dass nichts schlimmes passiert ist und versuchen das Erbe weiterzuführen 🙂

@switchingsoftware @gemlog @LuKaRo Glad to see you're back. What happened to the original site ?

@pierre @switchingsoftware @LuKaRo N.B. switchingsoftware is not the same person as switchingsocial. We don't know exactly why they left or why they took their site down. Trolls perhaps.

Like @gemlog and @masterofthetiger said, its unknown what exactly happened to the previous site and the original author. I (@tobias) created a new site and this new account to keep the project alive 🙂

@switchingsoftware @gemlog @masterofthetiger @tobias Okay. Thanks to the CC license, that permised you to continue their work.

@switchingsoftware @gemlog @LuKaRo great work everyone. mentions that Diaspora has federation for ActivityPub networks like Mastodon. I couldn't find anything to back up that claim. I did find something about Friendica having support for it, and from Friendica to Diaspora. But Diaspora is on a different group of islands.

And Zom switched from XMPP to Matrix apparently (


Concerning diaspora, it says "Friendica is also connected to Mastodon, Diaspora,..." and "Diaspora is also federated with Friendica." I can't find an error 🤔

Concerning Zom, where did you find the info that it switched to Matrix? It's not on their website as far as I can tell.

@switchingsoftware my reading mistake apparently 🙄

And I've read it in the description of Zom messenger in Aurora Droid (the IzzyOnDroid repo has it included):

@RyuKurisu Interesting, I will look at it another day - thanks for pointing this out 🤔

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