Hi Fediverse πŸ‘‹

let me sum up the situation around

Around September 20th, the original (anonymous) author of switching.social shut down its website and all related Social Media accounts, including mastodon πŸ€”

This info reached me (@tobias ) the next day via my German version @swisode .

As there hasn't been any sign of life since then, I restored the website and created this new account. Right now I'm out of spare time to work on it, but that'll change in a few weeks πŸ™‚

@switchingsoftware @tobias @swisode

When I try to go to switching dot social, my security software does not like.

"Web Protection by
Suspicious page blocked for your protection
[https switching dot social slash switching]
Your connection to this web page is not safe due to an untrusted security certificate.
Phishing sites often use fake certificates that trigger this alert, and their goal is to obtain your sensitive information."


@hhardy01 Please go to switching.software instead πŸ™‚

.social is the old site that was taken down by the original author. That's why the certificate is out of sync with the placeholder page of the hosting company.

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