Hi Fediverse πŸ‘‹

let me tell you this: Thank you all for the feedback, wishes and support offers so far! I'm very optimistic that we will get this project continued together ⏩

Before the next big steps, I will take a break for a few weeks. So, might get a bit silent here. I'll try to visit once in a while but internet access could be rare sometimes πŸ–

While I'm away, you may also have a look at @privacytools and their software section πŸ“‹

@switchingsoftware @privacytools I can't recommand enough to check PrivacyTools. The community is really active and does its best to have an up to date list of privacy-friendly softwares!

@switchingsoftware @privacytools hi SwitchingSoftware, you posts are useful and interesting so good luck with your vacation and I am waiting your next post about free software. Thank you. #FOSS #freesoftware

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