Hello Fediworld 👋

most of the website is restored - have a look:

(or swiso.org for short)

I want to thank @gemlog for preparing the web-archive version and @LuKaRo for extracting the missing pages from the Google Cache. Would have taken so much longer without you two 🙂


Is it even possible, to connect all those text posts over #activitypub into the #fediverse?

I find myself regularly visiting the website for a link to the instagram alternative, but would like to just boost/share the related article.

@gemlog @LuKaRo

@d599f84e @switchingsoftware @LuKaRo

I think I don't understand. The instagram one is switching.software/ethical-alt

If by 'article' you meant the thread you are in?


I'm sorry, I'm really lost as to what you need :-(

Also, I'm not an admin of the new website at switching.software/ but I'd like to help you out.


Oh sorry, I didn't think of how you could interpret my words.

What I was asking for was, if we can find a way to make every post on switching.social reachable via activitypub.

@switchingsoftware @LuKaRo


@d599f84e @switchingsoftware @LuKaRo
A website where the 'comments' section for each article is actually a thread on e.g. masto?
That'd be a heckofa lot better that the Diskus monstrosity I always block.


Yes, I think write.as actually implemented something like this!

@switchingsoftware @LuKaRo

@d599f84e @switchingsoftware @LuKaRo
write.as is not completely free (as in freedom) s/w. Or in the fedi.
Better would be to make a fedi version of Disqus that anyone with any old website could use no?

@gemlog @LuKaRo @switchingsoftware @d599f84e Disqus-but-Fedi would be great. People have been saying it would be great for years. 😁

@clacke @LuKaRo @switchingsoftware @d599f84e
Really? Since I have always blocked disqus and have only been using fedi since 2.5 yrs, I had no idea. Witness poor Friend there trying to get me to even understand! ;-)

@gemlog @LuKaRo @switchingsoftware @d599f84e I think there isn't a whole lot that would need to be done:

- An Atom-to-AP crossposter
- A widget that displays comments to the crosspost of the currently shown article
- Optionally, a way to comment directly on the page and have comments federate

I think the first two already exist in some forms. But AFAIK it's just that nobody has put them together yet.

As a Wordpress-specific solution there is wordpress.org/plugins/pterotyp… by @jdormit which seems pretty cool. It covers all three bases and allows Wordpress comments to federate.

@clacke This sounds promising. I tried something similar once, but had no idea on the second point: How to find the right thread to embed into the site's comment section.

As the post is generated when the page gets published, there is no way to now the post URL before the page gets published. 🤔 So I think one would need to add the embed in a second step and republish?

cc @jdormit @LuKaRo @gemlog @d599f84e


@clacke PS: Right now, it seems like we will be working with Hugo, so the solution should work with static sites. 🤔

The version that is currently online, is only a bunch of restored HTML pages without any generator or CMS behind it. That's what we are fixing currently 😅

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