What platforms would you suggest for wiki hosting? Including system admin service. And a solid, easy to use wiki content admin interface?

Also for website writing (and hosting), with tools as good as, say, Wix? And a reasonable though not extravagant selection of templates.

@mike_hales @switchingsoftware as a wiki engine maintainer and user I’d be interested to know, too. All I know these days is specific wikis (all of them single installations) and some wiki farms dedicated to role playing games: Obsidian Portal, Epic Words; and wikia, but I don’t know about a non-ads version. Perhaps they have a paid service?


Hi @kensanata and @mike_hales πŸ™‚

Sadly, I don't know any wiki hosting providers. πŸ™ I only know of some software, that might be of interest:



I will boost it, maybe someone knows a provider for these (or similar) projects πŸ’»

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