Hi Fediverse 👋

as a little christmas present, let me tell you that we successfully migrated all content to the new beta version of the website 🎁


Feel free to have a look around and leave some feedback, thoughts and ideas 💬

Next steps will be to improve the start page and thinking about where to host the new site. 🆕

Furthermore, we wish you and your loved ones a Merry Christmas. Have a peaceful time🎄


@switchingsoftware Looks great 👍 And cool that you finally removed that Startpage shit 😃 Some cool sites you might find interesting:
- metager.de (DE) / metager.org (EN) is a free and open source meta search engine created and hosted in Germany with good results which respects your privacy.
- private.sh is a pretty new search engine which is closed source but uses results from Gigablast which is open source at github.com/gigablast/open-sour and independent from any third-party search engines.
And for the category replace Youtube I recommend adding the following:
- Invidious with source at github.com/omarroth/invidious allows you to view Youtube videos without all the ads and tracking.Sure,Peertube is much better but you won't find all content there so Invidious is a useful solution to watch the others.
For the category petitions I see that you don't have a universal solution for every country so let's add one:
- openpetition.de is a German non-profit company which runs this page in many languages and doesn't embed any third-partys in their site
As alternatives to M$ Office you only recommend stuff to install on your computer what isn't bad but please don't forget that they also offer a web-based office so here's how it can be replaced:
- onlyoffice.com can be installed on your own server just like Nextcloud and offers a powerful and privacy respecting office suite directly inside of your browser.The website of it looks like a commercial thing but it's open source,can be found on Github and can be installed for free
And now I have questions...Why are there pages for both Facebook Messenger and Whatsapp which is basically the same?And why are the recommended alternatives in different orders?That doesn't make much sense to me.And please get rid of that Signal shit 🤢 No,it does *not* respect your privacy and freedom.And especially not so much that it should be listed in the top position.Matrix and Jabber are free as in freedom and open source and decentralized,they are the top solutions.Some information about signal (I guess you understand German,if not the third link will help you anyway)
- social.avareborn.de/@nipos/102
- social.avareborn.de/@nipos/103
- github.com/privacytoolsIO/priv
What can be listed instead?Well,I think the apps you already have in your list are really good.If you totally need a centralized messenger,the following may be interesting:
- hoccer.com is developed and hosted in Germany (server at Host Europe),it's end to end encrypted and deletes the messages from the servers after delivering them.No phone number or other personal details required,works using random IDs and QR codes.
I hope I could help you with some of my suggestions.I really like your site and the projects you list there 👍 Many of them are very popular and well-known but sometimes it's interesting to dig a bit deeper and find alternatives which aren't that popular but also great.I hope I could help you with that.At the end,I want to thank you for your hard work to get the site up and running again and for your big help in informing people about privacy respecting software.Keep up your great work,we need pages like that 👍 And merry chrismas 😉


@nipos Thanks a lot for the input - will take some time to go through all of it, but I'll do so 😁

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