Hi Fediverse 👋

what do you think of this new landing page design? ✨

Feel free to leave your feedback here 🙂

@switchingsoftware I don't know much about design, but I like it and it doesn't need JS, which is very cool :)

@uniporn thanks :) Working without javascript was important to me on this

Hi @mondstern ,

ich habe da auch bei Null angefangen. Kam von über und schließlich dieses Projekt dorthin 🙂

Die Dokumentation ist ziemlich gut, wenn du interessiert bist stöbere doch ein bisschen darin:

@switchingsoftware ui du kannst ja deutsch. codeberg ist sowieso eine gute wahl. ich hab ihn schon live gesehn ;)


I really like it. Right now the Other section works well, but if you anticipate adding more services to switch from then it could get unwieldy. For now it's great though

If the number of services does get to be a lot, I could see the filters changing to a drop down with additional categories to keep the "other" from having to many services under it.

@clayton True, but for now I think the website won't grow too rapidly as there aren't a lot of people involved. So this should be okay for quite a while ... also because there are a lot of todos on the existing categories 😁

@switchingsoftware i like it. it's simple and works.

maybe some day someone comes up with an improvement, but until then, it's good.

maybe add a search to the site with

@switchingsoftware Looks nice! Have you considered adding to the list? While it is not a YouTube-alternative, it does allow you to realistically use YouTube without a Google-account, as it can keep track of your subscriptions for you. I can see many people not being ready to switch fully away from YouTube and something like invidious seems like a good middle ground.

Hi @nloomans,
I added a ticket for this idea 🙂

Right now, the focus is on publishing the new website version on together with the improved design.

How accessible is it? A good website should load fine (albeit without fancy stuff) in old browsers and even Lynx.

Hi @dheadshot,

I regularly quick-check accessibility with this tool and found no issues - didn't do the detailled assisted tests though yet 🤔

And I installed Lynx now and tried it 😁 The entries can't be "clicked" and title/subtitle of entries don't differ - well, textual content is complete at least.

I'm really no expert in these things, so any suggestions are always welcome 🙂

@dheadshot Wohoo, fixed and beautified the entry links quite easily - now they also work and look acceptable in Lynx.

The lists themselves already look quite nice there though 😁

"While being good at privacy, masOS uses closed source software" *masOS*?

Not bad.

Is it possible to remove the boxes around "All" "Google" "Facebook" "Amazon" "Microsoft"? Or maybe change them to tabs or something else? The page has too many boxes.

Also, the top half of the page is black & the bottom half is mostly blue. That looks a little unusual.

Good luck with the launch!


Hmm, I think tabs aren't useful in mobile view as there are two rows then - see attached image.

Maybe I'll have another idea on the styling of the filter button, we'll see 🤔

And the button half must be more blue as it consists nearly completely of links - and all links should be identifiable as such by being blue 🤔 But the filter buttons could be less blue I think.

I hadn't considered the mobile view. Actually, the mobile view looks less busy & easier on the eyes.

@SlowRain Yes, the links look lost in space otherwise...

... but maybe joining them as a button group looks cleaner 🤔

Sorry, I meant getting rid of the boxes around the suggestions at the bottom, not the bar.

Yes, I think the bar looks better joined together.

@SlowRain I guess this would also look kind of unstructured.

Let's see if I get this buttongroup working. Tried it but it breaks the mobile layout and/or the filter function currently, so I leave it as-is for now.

@switchingsoftware beautiful, clear and easy to understand. I love it! Thanks for making it awesome.

This isn't good and it still claims RSS and Atom are compatible (they aren't)

Link here doesn't match item.

Also, didn't Blender become a Google product? Or is that something else?

@dheadshot Thanks a lot for pointing out these mistakes! I fixed the options-typo and the Blender links.

Blender is independent, no connection to Google from what I know:

Also opened an issue for the RSS issues, so I don't forget it once more:

Thank you 🙂

@switchingsoftware love to see so much progress on this still! does anyone know if the person who started it originally is OK?

@switchingsoftware looks good to me. :) more explicit than what i remember from older versions. (product name + service description)

the only thing that’s not sitting well with me (not a landing page issue at all!) is the inclusion of netsyms captcheck as a recaptcha alternative. sure it’s self-hostable, but the company has some major red-flaggy yuck in their ToS (apply when you use their hosted captcheck service!) & ‘beliefs’ page. (see

@gekitsu Oh wow, thanks for pointing out these netsyms issues - I wasn't aware of these

@switchingsoftware Looks nice. Mastodon is a pretty poor alternative to Facebook though imho. 😏 In terms of UI, I found Friendica and Diaspora to be easier to switch to.

@madi Good point, maybe Friendica should be first in this list 🙂

@danialbehzadi We are working on it - I already tried it on German and we have an issue for a French version:

Right now with a lower priority until the new design is released on

@switchingsoftware I really like it 👍 It's much easier to navigate on the website now 😃 And the site looks more modern.

@switchingsoftware not bad. I'll be using and recommending this for sure. Couple of nitpicks, filed an issue for one of them, but this is promising.

@switchingsoftware Very personal opinions.. .blue is too cold and the intro strong text might work better with the same accent color or more contrast

Danke, sehr schnelle Seite.
In der mobilen Ansicht ist der Abschnitt " FURTHER READING" zu viel.
Übersetzt mit was als Alternative zu Google Übersetzer anbitet.

Thank you, very quick page.
In the mobile view the section " FURTHER READING" is too much.
translated with which is missing as an alternative to Google translator.

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