Hi Fediverse 👋

what do you think of this new landing page design? ✨


Feel free to leave your feedback here 🙂

Not bad.

Is it possible to remove the boxes around "All" "Google" "Facebook" "Amazon" "Microsoft"? Or maybe change them to tabs or something else? The page has too many boxes.

Also, the top half of the page is black & the bottom half is mostly blue. That looks a little unusual.

Good luck with the launch!


Hmm, I think tabs aren't useful in mobile view as there are two rows then - see attached image.

Maybe I'll have another idea on the styling of the filter button, we'll see 🤔

And the button half must be more blue as it consists nearly completely of links - and all links should be identifiable as such by being blue 🤔 But the filter buttons could be less blue I think.

I hadn't considered the mobile view. Actually, the mobile view looks less busy & easier on the eyes.

@SlowRain Yes, the links look lost in space otherwise...

... but maybe joining them as a button group looks cleaner 🤔

Sorry, I meant getting rid of the boxes around the suggestions at the bottom, not the bar.

Yes, I think the bar looks better joined together.

@SlowRain I guess this would also look kind of unstructured.

Let's see if I get this buttongroup working. Tried it but it breaks the mobile layout and/or the filter function currently, so I leave it as-is for now.

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