Hi Fediverse 👋

hope you are fine while we are approaching the weekend 🙂

Let's make it colourful with:

- and @glimpse / Raster graphics editors 🎨
- / Raw photo editor 📷
- / @blender / 3D creation suite 🖥️
- / @libreoffice / Office suite 📄
- / @inkscape / Vector graphics editor ⛰️

Have a nice time and maybe do something creative and fun if you feel like it 🌻

@switchingsoftware Just gonna keep recommending the software whose name is an ableist slur, huh? That's disappointing.

@hache @switchingsoftware I think they added both precisely so they wouldn't have to deal with this controversy. I really don't think they wrote this intending harm in any way, shape or form.

@hache @switchingsoftware Clinging to this meaning and imposing it on others is your choice.
The ableist slur is one non-intended interpretation that only applies in *some* native variants of english; and even there is mostly archaic. For those in the world using english as a second language or not even knowing english this is a non-issue and harping on about the problems is also hurting @glimpse's upstream.

@switchingsoftware @glimpse @blender @libreoffice @inkscape

If you're a photographer using free software, you should join us at for conversations, support, and good times!

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