Hi @der_On πŸ‘‹

this might be of help to you:


I found it here, so maybe there is more to discover in the threads and comments:


Hi Fediverse πŸ‘‹

once again, as the weekend is approaching, let's have a little fun with some software icons...

... and some bubbles! πŸ”΅

- / @kiwix / Offline knowledge browser
- / @Framasoft / A French non-profit promoting digital freedom
- / Privacy-respecting metasearch engine
- / File synchronisation program

Have a good time on your way through the Internet and embrace the upcoming weekend πŸ™‚


Hi @stemy πŸ‘‹

yes it is, but I'm far from being an expert on this. πŸ˜…

I just know that there are hosting providers offering this, like for example OrangeWebsite:


@dheadshot it's no problem for advanced users πŸ™‚ For our website, we prefer "beginner-friendly" solutions with a graphical user interface though.

I added OnionShare as a proposal to our issue, thanks!


Hi again @blacklight447 πŸ™‚

I had a look at both videos and the project looks promising. Me personally, I'm uncomfortable with some comments in the tutorial like the "you're a noob" thing, so I really would prefer an official one.

I'm aware of this site, but well, it's a lot of text:

With only the videos on YouTube and no other visuals, I think it's hard to recommend it on our site πŸ˜…

If you disagree, maybe open an issue to discuss further: codeberg.org/swiso/website/iss

Hi @dheadshot πŸ‘‹
you mean ? πŸ™‚ Really looks like we could recommend this in combination with the Tor browser.


magic-wormhole seems to only work via command-line?


Hi Fediverse πŸ‘‹

a short newsletter of our project:

- We added for speed tests: switching.software/replace/spe

- We added an entry for : switching.software/replace/swi

- We started thinking about translations: codeberg.org/swiso/website/iss

- We discuss entries for developers: codeberg.org/swiso/website/iss

- Thanks to "n" for preparing a list of alternatives: codeberg.org/swiso/website/pul

- Our list to replace is online: switching.software/replace/aud

- We wish you a nice day 🌻


You forgot to mentinon @guardianproject. Quite a few of their projects were enabled by OTF funding. #SaveInternetFreedom

Hi Fediverse πŸ‘‹

no artwork, instead let's today πŸ™‚

The Open Technology Fund: An important non-profit organization acting for global internet freedom. It backs projects like:

- The Tor Project: @torproject
- Delta Chat: @delta
- K-9 Mail: @k9mail
- Briar: @briar
- Tails: @tails
- Open Whisper Systems with @signalapp
- many more πŸ“œ

Two days ago, US gov. made worrying changes to the OTF. So we signed this plea and hope you join in:


Hi @nurinoas πŸ‘‹

no, we aren't so special 😁 Right now, all pages on @codeberg are hosted on a fixed subdomain with a "subfolder" for each user - see:


While we were beta-testing our website, we also used this feature (really great by the way!). But now, we are hosting the website on our own server πŸ™‚

@ademalsasa you're welcome, this is a really cool collection of links πŸ™‚

Hi Fediverse πŸ‘‹

another week, another small logo artwork: Escaping the walled garden 🐰

Hope you like it. From top to bottom, you see:

- / @PlumeDev@fediverse.blog / Federated blogging
- / @pixelfed / Federated image sharing
- / @news / Decentralised social network
- / @writefreely / Federated blogging
- / @briar / Secure messaging, anywhere

Enjoy the weekend πŸ™‚

Hi @blacklight447 πŸ‘‹

no, I wasn't aware of this. πŸ€”

Is there any short/visual introduction on how to get started easily? Just stumbled across the homepage and there are no screenshots, or anything but walls of text πŸ˜…


@kravietz there is an image description giving more details. I hope there is no other, negative way to interpret this image πŸ˜…

Hi Fediverse πŸ‘‹

to celebrate the beauty of Free/Libre and Open Source Software, let's start a series of related artwork, shall we? 🎨

And why not just use corresponding logos to create it? πŸ™ƒ

Let's start with:
- / @matrix
- @freedomboxfndn

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend πŸ™‚

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