Hi @nilesh ,

sorry for the late reply, I haven't got a lot of time lately 😓 I'm not even up to date on what's happening in our repository 😅

I made a thing! 🎉

It's a browser extension that recommends "better" alternative products and services via in-page popups, based on community-curated lists. Available for all Chromium and Firefox-based browsers.

We live in times where the distributions costs are hampering the adoption of higher-quality (which could mean security, privacy, ethics, local etc) products. I am hoping that this extension can eventually be managed by orgs like IFF, EFF or FSF.

Hi @nilesh ,

I wasn't aware of this until now 😅 Cool idea! What comes to my mind spontaneously:

* matching URLs to software could be an own list/repo? Could be interesting to others as well - e.g. if one would create an extension for this:

* with a few adaptions to our codebase, one should be able to generate a list based on our site

* maybe, one could also generate lists based on open-source proposals from alternativeto.net ?

Hi @boud,

we are currently teaming up with @ReverseEagle so there will be also a place for the "geeky questions" 😉

You can find their site here:

... and the git topic here:

including @codeberg 😁

Related issue on our repo btw: codeberg.org/swiso/website/iss

Hi Fediverse 👋

hope you are fine while we are approaching the weekend 🙂

Let's make it colourful with:

- and @glimpse / Raster graphics editors 🎨
- / Raw photo editor 📷
- / @blender / 3D creation suite 🖥️
- / @libreoffice / Office suite 📄
- / @inkscape / Vector graphics editor ⛰️

Have a nice time and maybe do something creative and fun if you feel like it 🌻

Hi @davidoclubb 👋

I just noticed that Framasoft has a mindmap software as part of their services:


It is based on wisemapping. There it can be tried without a login:


Otherwise, there is:

mindmaps.app/ (source at github.com/drichard/mindmaps)

Hi @tobtobxx 👋

yes, we will soon drop Fathom from our list because of the differences between Open Source and feature-complete version 🙂 Change is merged but not published yet.

Hi @der_On 👋

this might be of help to you:


I found it here, so maybe there is more to discover in the threads and comments:


Hi Fediverse 👋

once again, as the weekend is approaching, let's have a little fun with some software icons...

... and some bubbles! 🔵

- / @kiwix / Offline knowledge browser
- / @Framasoft / A French non-profit promoting digital freedom
- / Privacy-respecting metasearch engine
- / File synchronisation program

Have a good time on your way through the Internet and embrace the upcoming weekend 🙂


Hi @stemy 👋

yes it is, but I'm far from being an expert on this. 😅

I just know that there are hosting providers offering this, like for example OrangeWebsite:


@dheadshot it's no problem for advanced users 🙂 For our website, we prefer "beginner-friendly" solutions with a graphical user interface though.

I added OnionShare as a proposal to our issue, thanks!


Hi again @blacklight447 🙂

I had a look at both videos and the project looks promising. Me personally, I'm uncomfortable with some comments in the tutorial like the "you're a noob" thing, so I really would prefer an official one.

I'm aware of this site, but well, it's a lot of text:

With only the videos on YouTube and no other visuals, I think it's hard to recommend it on our site 😅

If you disagree, maybe open an issue to discuss further: codeberg.org/swiso/website/iss

Hi @dheadshot 👋
you mean ? 🙂 Really looks like we could recommend this in combination with the Tor browser.


magic-wormhole seems to only work via command-line?


Hi Fediverse 👋

a short newsletter of our project:

- We added for speed tests: switching.software/replace/spe

- We added an entry for : switching.software/replace/swi

- We started thinking about translations: codeberg.org/swiso/website/iss

- We discuss entries for developers: codeberg.org/swiso/website/iss

- Thanks to "n" for preparing a list of alternatives: codeberg.org/swiso/website/pul

- Our list to replace is online: switching.software/replace/aud

- We wish you a nice day 🌻

Hi Fediverse 👋

no artwork, instead let's today 🙂

The Open Technology Fund: An important non-profit organization acting for global internet freedom. It backs projects like:

- The Tor Project: @torproject
- Delta Chat: @delta
- K-9 Mail: @k9mail
- Briar: @briar
- Tails: @tails
- Open Whisper Systems with @signalapp@mastodon.social
- many more 📜

Two days ago, US gov. made worrying changes to the OTF. So we signed this plea and hope you join in:


Hi @nurinoas 👋

no, we aren't so special 😁 Right now, all pages on @codeberg are hosted on a fixed subdomain with a "subfolder" for each user - see:


While we were beta-testing our website, we also used this feature (really great by the way!). But now, we are hosting the website on our own server 🙂

@ademalsasa you're welcome, this is a really cool collection of links 🙂

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